how this even happened


SkyPalace came out of me in a most peculiar way, it was my desire to achieve a spire (something I've been drawing over and over in varying forms since I was a kid in Antwerp, Belgium seeing the cathedral there pretty much every week on some school outing or being dragged willingly my by my Mother to see Rubens and all the other darkish brooding painters works spattered through the cities galleries and museums)... an antenna to the skies, a version of all that Gaudi and Corbu and Weight had done... my client allowed this within the fixed budget we set. I had a smaller design at first that required a central support structure for some cantilevered arms which suspended five or six macro-pods for people to lounge in. I found an old 36' tall steel windmill tower on Craigslist near Prescott, AZ and bought it... with this thing I could create great cantilevers... or... I could go up, really tall... so I went up.