earthaware foundation

The earthaware foundation is an arts education platform based on simple teaching techniques and open access to all. It is comprised of programs in 3D object and shelter making using locally found materials with focus on environmental impacts and sustainablity. It is designed for international application using little to no discriptive language but rather image and drawing based communication making it suitable for cross-cultural events and bridge building.

earthaware workshops for children and adults are typically multi-session. They may run for several days or several weeks. They are led by myself and those I have trained around the world over the past decade. From Haiti to Malaysia, Kashmir to New Zealand, India to South Africa to the USA and many other countries, over 10,000 children and approximately 2,000 adults have participated in earthaware workshops since they began.

These sessions are free of charge to the attendees. Funding comes from my other work, from donors and from corporate and non-profit grants.

Please contact us for more information and program details. See sample projects below.

 “Haiti Hands” - earthaware community memorial sculpture build, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

“StoryPods” - earthaware community AIDS awareness sculpture build with RED and Nike, Portland, OR, USA

“Montfort Boys and Girls Town clubhouses” - earthaware sessions on teambuilding, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Summer Star School” earthaware sessions, Navajo Nation, AZ, USA

“Appa” earthaware second grade classroom build, Portland, OR, USA

various earthaware projects