recycling tetra pacs

our friends at Low Impact Living have a great new bit on how to deal with Tetra Pacs after use. we love soy milk and soups that come in these light-proof and shelf freindly packages. problem is what to do with them after use, and we abhor putting anything in a landfill. the article says:

Tetra Pak cartons are the most common name for aseptic cartons, which are used for liquid food items so they can be stored for up to one year without refrigeration. Aseptic means “free from pathogenic micro-organisms,” so this packaging process eliminates harmful elements from the food and packages them in a pre-sterilized container. This type of packaging also blocks light completely, in order to preserve vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, C and K, which are all photosensitive and would become damaged in the presence of light. Tetra Paks are are constructed from a 6 layers of materials.

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