new year new opportunity

as we head into 2011 we look back on some amazing accomplishments completed in the year gone by. we also take this opportunity to recommit ourselves and our company to reducing our impact on this Earth. we will buy less, use items longer, support local and continue to offset all our travel as we teach and spread green ideas around the globe.

our travel schedule is already filling up. we just completed research and discussions on Oahu and Maui about recycling and teaching green awareness in schools. next we travel to India for an extended trip to run four earthAWARE workshops and further teach and listen on green design. back to Israel and a junket in Holland then later in the year is Singapore all the while providing carbon zero solutions for offices and homes in the usa and abroad... and that's just the beginning.

we wish that you will do all you can to unconsume in 2011 and that your year be filled with abundance!