good morning Singapore

The 24 hour, two stage flight from SFO to TKO to SIN was uneventful, plenty of rest and the fluffy white filled food that is available at 40,000 feet, except the amazing sushi during the layover in Tokyo. I awoke at 6 this morning after about 4 hours of sleep in the very clean and comfortable room the good people of QiGlobal provided me here in Singapore. I rubbed the travel from my eyes, washed my face and strapped on my running shoes then headed out to East Coast Beach for some movement.

The weather here feels like Hawaii in winter, about 80F at 7AM, high humidity and an ocean breeze. hundreds of tankers and cargo vessels in the bay, the skyline of downtown to the east with the equatorial sun warming the low clouds.
There are groups of elderly practicing Tai Chi everywhere in the shade of the palm trees just in from the beach, moving in unison as one with nature and each other, people stretching and jogging, all healthy in physical form and calm in energy, just wonderful to see.
From the airport to the BMW limo service at midnight to the immaculate streets I contend this is an urban tropical paradise. am looking forward to seeing all the people at the QiGlobal event tonight!

I have a day to explore the city before presenting at the QiGlobal conference.

The city is very clean and very modern with some outrageous buildings in the downtown area. The Sands Casino of Las Vegas has constructed a building consisting of three identical 53 story towers that are capped by a curving boat-like structure that joins all three, a huge pool atop, several restairants and an incredible view of the city.