Rishikesh, India thoughts

arrived in Rishikesh yesterday, have explored the town (really a set of five hamlets each with their own personality) and have settled into a week or more of writing, painting, hiking, yoga and meditation. during this trip the platform for earthAWARE has expanded from simple co-creation of sculptural structures to a comprehensive Arts program.

in Ranchi we saw the return of merging art with sport as was done in 2010 in Jerusalem, Israel... a few weeks back in Singapore we revisited drawing combined with making as was done at the Buckman Elementary school earlier this year.

It has come into focus that earthAWARE is a program which begins with learning about form, moves to 2 dimensional drawing individually and together then leaps into 3 dimensions in the weaving and assemblage of the sculptural forms all the while discussing materials sources and environmental impacts.

the next project, the most comprehensive yet, will deliver all these facets to hundreds of bright eyed children