STORYpod at nike

today we ran our first "laceUP" event at the Nike World Headquarters with 300+ participants from the Nike Youth Forum.

As part of a current earthAWARE project in coordination with (nike)RED+Cascade AIDs Projeect+52LTD we have designed a multi dimensional sculpture composed of over 15 "STORYpods" each woven from NW wood branches. The pods will be distributed around Portland, Oregon over the next three weeks for "laceUP" events where attendees will write a message about their experience, understanding or message regarding HIV/AIDS onto a red tag and tie it onto the pod using a (nike)RED shoelace. We have 25,000 laces and hope to gather that amount of individual expression and participation in the project. Today we added over 300 tag/laces to the first STORYpod.

The STORYpods all come together at the Portland Memorial Coliseum on April 30th. The pods will be sewn together into a sculpture layered with stories and community oneness - generating goodness through collaborative creation.