HaitiHANDS = co-creation magic!

two of two thousand HaitiHANDS we met and created magic with

our first Haiti earthAWARE project has met with amazing success in Port Au Prince. with the full backing of the new Martelly government we were given use of a sizeable corner of the Place Saint Pierre park in PeitonVille, also is home to over 6,000 people living in tents and tarp structures. over the course of a week we worked with 800-1,000 kids, youth and adults, most of whom are living directly in the park, to co-create an artistic sculpture made from locally gathered materials.

we used sticks, branches, sisal, rebar from the rubble of the earthquake, leaves, plastic bottles and bags and most of all Haitian know-how, creativity and love. during the building we sang, told stories, played soccer, made toys and generally enjoyed each other and the co-created sculpture we made together.

during our time together we talked about the environment, the meaning of recycling and how that plays a part of a healthy life and a healthy planet. we discussed rebuilding and heard stories of the challenges and hardships brough on by poverty and the earthquake.


we found that the haitian people have many skills and crafts to offer the world, some were demonstrated by women weaving the loose sisal into lovely flowerettes.

after working together as friends we had to fly back to Portland however the people continued to build, continued to create and add to what we had made together. now the park has a new place of sharing, of inspiration and of story.


we plan to be back in Haiti in December to begin a new community co-created sculpture as a memorial to those lost in the earthquake, we call it AitiSONJE (HaitiREMEMBERS)...