cause no harm

Earlier this year, when I was first in Bali for TEDxUbud, I had the privilege of meeting Rick Pursell. Rick is founder of Cause No Harm, the Namaste Retreat Center in upper Ubud and was speaker at the premier TEDxUbud. Cause No Harm strikes directly at the heart, the heart of business, by offering a full spectrum look at the effects a business has on people, communities and the planet. The organization partners with businesses large and small to take a look at elements of their existence and operations. From "Cause No Harm to Ourselves", to "Cause No Harm to Equipment", to "Cause No Harm to the Planet"... then from "Awareness and Responsibility" to "Integrity" and more a wholistic approach is taken. In addressing each topic, existing business behaviors are evaluated for a true read on current harm impacts. From these truthful evaluations road maps are written to define paths and steps needed to reach a Cause No Harm reality for each. The process may be long, may not achieve completion on each subject, but momentum and awareness are created and positive change is put into action.

I am proud to know Rick and his organization. We are in discussions on how we can further work together, how we can blend networks and skills to achieve Cause No Harm and Earthawareness through as many organizations and souls as possible during this life. Plus we sort of look alike...

Find Cause No Harm on here.