brave girls project

Earthaware soul sister Karen Weiss runs a bi-monthly project in Vancouver, Washington for girls going through a number of challenging life situations. she uses shared creation art projects as the vehicle for personal transformation with groups of girls ranging in age from 8-16.

starting with a kit of re-use and found objects the group worked this past Wednesday to weave Native American Dreamcatchers, objects that they can place thier bright future visions into for manifestation in thier lives.

Karen lists the ingredients used to cook up this amazing project:

  • reclaimed "bailing wire" I cut myself @ a friends barn when feeding and working her horses - RE-USE
  • Freshly cut birch branches from my weeping birch in front yard - RE-USE
  • Polished sea glass I collected from all around the world - RE-USE
  • Misc shells, wood and beads also collected from around the world - RE-USE
  • Green string I saved from Tibet.... that was braided into my hair by an elder - RE-USE
  • Heavier string to create the web **** this was the ONLY item purchased***

Karen taught the girls to suspend the shells and glass, weave the sticks and sew together the elements into personal Dreamcatchers that they could take with them. we are so happy to have Karen and the Brave Girls on the Earthaware team!