reuse of old seed company memo books

our old friend Ryan Coulter (an awesome designer and all around good person) made us aware of his friend Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Company today. Aarons' company works with Field Notes, a firm that produces really sweet notebooks and sketchbooks. Aaron has an amazing collection of old farm seed and implement memo books from the mid-west USA. he knows them, embodies the vibe of the times they were used and spaks eloquently of the need to preserve them. he scans them for Field Notes covers and we hope interior insert pages as well, like the originals. in  this way he reuses the content, the design, the feeling of the originals... he repackages the energy of these wonderful old items into something we want to use and be a part of today!.

we especially love how Aaron points out that he bis saving these from the landfill! way to go!!!

the seed company memo book is dead: long live the seed company memo book