sustainable consumption?

There is an interesting debate taking place out in the cyber world.  After reading Harry Wakefield’s article on MOCO he proclaimed that 2009 was “the year that sustainable design and architecture became simply design and architecture.”  His point is that the materials and the consciousness of sustainable practices and design have become automatic and permanently merged.

harry wakefield from his MOCO article

Wanting to reread this article I found a rebuttal on the Treehugger site.  In the article by Lloyd Alter, he points out that sustainability is about accessibility and consuming less. 

They both present intriguing points and stimulate an interesting discussion.  What is important is to be conscious in all the decisions we make by creating responsible and reduced consumption.  Both Alter and Wakefield agree that there is a ways to go, however reading these two articles makes me optimistic that we are all fighting for the same thing



Also check out Lloyd Alter's slide show of the best and worst in architecture this past decade. 

image fo the terry thompson from Treehugger slideshow