green with promises this decade

it’s a new decade and along with posting more frequently I am making my resolutions to  have an even greener/healthier/happier lifestyle, let me know if you have any suggestions or try some along with me, its amazing that by going greener, you can save money get healthier and not to mention rack up some good karma points. 

From now on I promise to:
1.    walk anywhere that is within 1 mile of me or take public transportation, challenge myself to see how long I can go without using my car

2.    Utilize water. Make a rain barrel for watering indoor plants and buy more potted plants.  Collect glass bottles to use and reuse as water bottles. pledge to never buy another plastic bottle

3.    unplug it (computer, cell phone charger, tv,  hair dryer....etc) and invest in a couple more power strips

4.    check out Hopworks Urban Brewery, the only carbon neutral brewery in the world

5.    LOCAL local local local… at only local joints, buy local produce

6.    turn down the heat! My heating bill was terrifying last month so I will be using the fireplace, closing blinds and drapes, grabbing an extra blanket and getting some use out of my new mittens

7.    eat more vegetables, less meat. Try being a vegetarian one day every week

8.    actually remember to use those reusable shopping bags

9.    drink greener tea and coffee.  boil water with an electric kettle versus stove top (more energy efficient.)  Use loose leaf organic tea or ones with biodegradable filters, for coffee use a French press versus a machine.  Bring my mug to coffee shops, only go to locally owned cafes

10.     Think of even more lifestyle changes to lessen my footprint

HAPPY 2010,